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Hotels NOT Recommended

On this page you will find those hotels that I feel just blatantly exploit the Marine Families in town to attend the graduation. They know you will most likely never be back so what you get is what you get and next week their hotel will be sold out again because no one is the wiser. I don't like to have to post something like this but you need to be warned.

NOT RECOMMENDED: Americas Best Inns Beaufort

I stayed here a couple of years ago. The room was so bad I took pictures. There was mold all over the shower and shower curtain. The carpet was so dirty I couldn't walk across the room without my shoes on. I could go on but I'd rather not. I found another hotel to stay in the next night and checked out of this hotel a day early. When I asked the owner how she could sleep at night charging that kind of a rate for a room like that her answer was "We have to survive". I hope they don't survive on your dime. I do not recommend this hotel!


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