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This photo is actually from the San Diego graduation but it gives
you an idea of how much luggage you're dealing with when it's
time to take your new Marine home.

Taking Your Marine Home

Thanks to Steve Smith for this info:

  1. Airfares: We flew from Chicago to Savannah, and when we bought our tickets during Week Nine, a round trip ticket was $209. A ONE-WAY ticket from Savannah to Chicago was $750. Needless to say, we bought our daughter a round trip ticket. If you buy a round trip ticket instead of a one-way ticket to save money, be sure and buy the ticket going FROM Savannah to your home, and simply tear up the return ticket going back to Savannah.

    Also, once you get within about two weeks of travel, the fares escalate greatly. Our $209 tickets would have cost $888 the week we traveled. [By the way, our daughter developed the Blister From Hell on one foot during Crucible and she still graduated on time. We also saw a few graduates on crutches and with arms in slings. My guess is that if you get that close to graduation, you have to really break something thoroughly to go on rehab.] It is a balancing act as to when to buy the tickets. I would still buy them Week Nine.

  2. Luggage: Recruits go to boot with nothing and come home with a lot of stuff --- two sea bags, a garment bag, and a ditty bag. If a family has a very small car, they might want to take this into consideration when driving to Parris Island or parking at the airport. We hired a limo to get us home from O'Hare. If driving, a larger rental car might be worth the money and aggravation avoidance.



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