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Friday - Graduation Day!

Note: Anyone, not just the immediate family of a recruit, can attend Recruit Graduation and Family Day. There is also no limit to the number of people who can attend. If you did not receive a pass in the mail please visit the PI Depot page for more information

As always, check on the MCCS page for the most updated schedule!

If you visit the MCCS pages for the Thursday and Friday schedules, it gives you all the detailed info on when the shops open, i.e. The Marine Corps Exchange, the Engraving Shop, the Depot Museum, the All Weather Training Facility, the Battalion Commander's Brief to the Families, On Base Liberty, the Family Day Buffet at the Lyceum and lots of other information that will be very useful to you during your visit on Family Day and Graduation.

Click here for the Thursday Schedule

Click here for the Friday Schedule

Please call the Douglas Visitor’s Center at 843-228-3650 for last minute information

If you have a camcorder, it's best to sit at least in the 3rd or 4th row so you don't have a lot of people walking in front of your shot. Bring your Bounty and your camera and try not to seem too proud. Oh, what the hey, go ahead, let everyone know how proud you are. It only happens once. Right?

The last move he or she will make is take one step back, do an about face and they are then officially one of ...

The Few, The Proud
A United States Marine



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