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This website is
designed to give you
all of the information
you need to prepare
for the graduation of
your Marine from the
Marine Corps
Recruit Depot in
Parris Island, SC. If
you cannot find
something you need,
contact Gretchen to
see if she can help
you out!


A quick introduction...I am Gretchen Miller aka One Proud Marine Mom AND One Proud Air Force Mom. I live in Saint Joseph, Missouri and have worked with Max Beerup over the last 13 years helping him with the website for "The Other Boot Camp" aka San Diego.

In October 2004 I visited San Diego to attend one of the graduation ceremonies. During my stay I had the opportunity to meet dozens of parents that had visited the San Diego Graduation website and were sincerely thankful for the information it contained. While I had been contemplating a website for Parris Island, it never seemed to be a priority until I met these wonderful families and discovered just how helpful this type of information is. So for all the families of Parris Island Marine Recruits, here is some information on my experience at Parris Island. I didn't have a website like this when my daughter graduated in January 2003. I jumped in blind and hoped for the best.

If anyone has information that you, too, feel would be a helpful addition to this website, please do not hesitate to This is, after all, by and for friends and families of Marine Recruits.

And last but not least, congratulations to your son or daughter who is currently being trained to be the best of the best, the truly elite. They have much to be proud of and so do you.


The first Marine pictured in the above video is Brandon Hardy who was killed in action in Iraq. Cpl. Brandon Hardy was proud to serve and honored to die for his country. Having served in both the Air Force and the Marines, Brandon was dedicated to the principles that made and keeps our country free.

After receiving the news of his death, his family established a scholarship in his memory. The young men and women who will be entering the military will be given a few standard supplies on their first day of boot camp and a debit card to get the required haircut –the cost of these items will be garnished from their first pay. Over their years of service there will be many things required but not issued by their military branch – this scholarship will help provide funds for those non-issued items. We know Brandon is honored to help a fellow member of the armed forces ensure the principles our country was founded on and the freedom we enjoy is preserved for generations.

For more information on the Cpl. Brandon M. Hardy Memorial Scholarship Fund please visit


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